How To Automate Power From Dusk Till Dawn On Your Property

I ran across these Dusk-Till-Dawn light bulbs when I was doing research on how to solve a specific problem at Loudoun Escape. I wanted the ability to leave the external lights on for the entrances to be well lit for guests accessing the property at night, and for security purposes. Most good security systems have the ability to still monitor at night. However, to have the best visibility externally, you want to make sure lights are on at night. The challenge I faced with traditional light bulbs, was that they would stay on all day if I kept the light switch on inside.…

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How Not to Lose the TV Remote Every Day

I like clearly defining where items are to organize and make property management a breeze. I wanted to find a solution for where to house remotes to make placement straightforward for cleaning companies and for guests seeking out TV remotes after checking in.

I use these mounts specifically, which are cost effective if you get the 2-pack. I started putting these behind the TV, along with an Apple TV remote charging system I put together. (I’ll detail this out more in a future post.)

Recently, we added these mounts to the night stands in all the rooms to make it more convenient for guests.…

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Outfitting to Add More Power At Loudoun Escape

When I started out in the rental business, I would often find furniture rearranged. Couches or night stands would be moved around and any lamps near beds would be unplugged as well. It was easy to see that guests were looking for outlets!

These days everyone has electronics that need to be charged (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.). I wanted to find an easy solution where guests could plug in items next to the beds and make the furniture reset between guests that much easier.

I found exactly what I was looking in purchasing this compact desktop surge protector that includes 3 outlets and 3 USB ports.…

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Strengthening the Connection: Wireless Networks and Smart Homes

Having a good solid wireless network that covers all parts of your home is critical if you have a “smart” home. This can entail having smart locks, Internet connected thermostats like Nest, or security cameras that are wireless, like Ring or Netgear Arlo.

Many of the bad reviews I’ve seen on good products are that the devices do not operate as promised. I believe that many of these bad experiences are related to bad or poor wireless signals in the property itself.

Poor wireless signals can cause many different issues, but some of the specific problems I’ve seen are as follows:

  1. Inconsistent Performance – Your smart devices may not respond as quickly as they should or not operate at all.
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Keeping The Rental Receptacles Clean and Fresh

A challenge I faced when I started out in managing short-term rental properties, was that the trash cans in the garage would be a mess and often very smelly with liquids leaking into the bin from open or partially full bottles and containers tossed into the receptacles. After sitting even for a few hours or a few days in the garage during the hot summer months, this was not a pleasant smell in the garage.

To solve this issue, I first put signs in the garage above the bins to notify guests to put all trash and recycling into plastic garage bags. …

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Motion Sensor Light for Smart Locks

Guests love our automated reminder messages and the key-free access to our property.  However, the feedback that I commonly get is that the smart lock keypad numbers are hard to see in dimly lit areas or when it is dark outside.

I was looking for a good solution to solve this problem for quite a while and tried a few different lights out.  Nothing worked as well as the SYLVANIA LED Night Light with Motion Sensor (below):

I purchased this from Amazon (including the link here).  The noted uses for it were predominantly above doors to highlight where the keyhole might be.…

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Why the short-term rental business?

As a business owner, people have often asked me why I went into the short-term rental business.

I have a few reasons…

1) Years ago, a colleague showed me the short-term rental property he was renting.  The idea of short-term rentals intrigued me much more than traditional rentals;    You have the potential to make the same amount or more in profit than traditional rentals and you also deal with many people coming to the area for various reasons, whether personal or business related.

2) I was curious if I could build a business that perfected the art of short-term rentals, not just in terms of property quality, but also in automating communication processes, providing unique amenities, and ensuring quality customer service and overall experience.  …

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