House Rules & Rental Agreement

Please read our house rules & rental agreement below and sign the acknowledgement if you agree.
You will be directed to your check-in details once complete.

If you do not agree or have questions, please contact us immediately.
These rules keep the property clean and the neighborhood safe for our guests and my neighbors. 1

House Rules:

  1. This property is a corporate rental that accommodates business and personal bookings for adult guests.
  2. This property is limited to 10 GUESTS unless previously approved PRIOR to check-in.
  3. Early check-in and/or late check-out MUST be coordinated first and is NOT guaranteed.
  4. Quiet hours are from 10 PM - 8 AM. This avoids complaints with my neighbors and the HOA. 2
  5. We can NOT accommodate any pets (including service, assistance or emotional support animals). 3
  6. Smoking is NOT allowed inside the property and only authorized in designated outdoor areas. 4
  7. Parties, events or get-togethers exceeding the occupancy limit REQUIRE prior approval.
  8. Occupancy limits ARE strictly enforced for the maximum number of persons per reservation.
  9. Shoes are NOT to be worn in the property. Damages to floors or carpets are the guest's responsibility.
  10. Our team MAY need to visit the property in case of emergencies or HOA complaints.
  11. The property ENTRANCES and BALCONIES are video monitored & recorded for security purposes.
  12. Furniture, cabling and equipment should NOT be moved inside or outside the property.
  13. Common area couches and coffee tables are NOT meant to be used as beds or for eating food on.
  14. Trash is picked up TUESDAY and FRIDAY. Recycling is picked up FRIDAY.
  15. Trash and recycling MUST be placed in sealed garbage bags before being placed in bins in the garage.
  16. Property, furniture or equipment damage WILL be deducted from your deposit and reported.
  17. Towels, sheets and supplies will ONLY be provided for maximum guests allowed.
  18. Kitchen appliances, dishwasher, washing machine and dryer MUST be kept clean and properly used.
  19. Expenses incurred while at the property (such as movie rentals) are the GUEST'S responsibility.
  20. Poker table and all accessories MUST be in the same condition and quantity as they were found.
  21. Shipping packages or arranging deliveries is NOT allowed without prior coordination.
  22. Cooking food with strong odors is NOT allowed. Please be courteous to future guests.
  23. Cancellations MUST adhere to the policies listed on your rental booking website. 5
  24. Doors, locks and electronic equipment must NOT be altered or adjusted without prior approval. 6
  25. We are NOT responsible for lost items or items left behind after check-out.
  26. Subletting or re-renting our properties is NOT allowed without prior coordination and approval.
  27. Candles and anything combustible are NOT to be used at the property.
  28. Excessive personal items aside from clothes are NOT allowed without prior approval. 7
  29. When leaving, doors and garage doors must NOT be left open and appliances MUST be turned off.
  30. Sinks, bathrooms and bathroom supplies (including towels) MUST be used appropriately. 8
  31. The front door and inside garage door WILL lock automatically after 4 minutes for security purposes. 9
  32. The large garage door WILL automatically close after 10 minutes for security purposes. 9

Please contact us via email if you have any questions or concerns to

Rental Agreement:

  I understand this property is limited to 10 GUESTS unless coordinated and approved PRIOR to check-in and that there IS a fee for additional guests (if approved) of $100 PER GUEST PER NIGHT.

  I confirm that this IS a business/corporate reservation and NOT for families with or without children. Family reservations MUST be coordinated and approved prior to confirmation of the reservation.

  I confirm that this IS a business reservation or family reservation with no children and that all 10 GUESTS are over the age of 18. Reservations with children of any age MUST be coordinated and approved prior to confirmation of the reservation.

  I understand that I AM responsible for my entire group and their actions and will share this document with all guests at the property PRIOR to check-in.

  I understand that this property is NOT meant to have get-togethers, parties or events at any time without prior coordination.

  I understand that the balcony and deck are NOT meant for guests to sit outside and have conversations on during the neighborhood quiet hours of 10 PM to 8 AM.

  I understand that the property ENTRANCES (front of property, driveway & inside the garage) and BALCONIES (upper balcony and deck) are video monitored & recorded for security purposes.

  I understand that there will be NO warning messages or additional requests to follow our house rules & rental agreement after check-in. Violations of the house rules & rental agreement WILL result in cancellation of the reservation and immediate escort off the property.

  I agree that ALL disputes that cannot be handled through the respective rental website or directly which requires legal intervention WILL be handled following the law, and in the judicial system of the State/Commonwealth and County where this property resides. (Commonwealth of Virginia in Loudoun County).

  By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read, understand and will follow ALL house rules that are listed above and that this document is a binding agreement. I acknowledge that I will contact property ownership if I have any requested changes, questions or concerns BEFORE I sign and submit this agreement and BEFORE I check-in.

Signature    [Clear]

Additional Details:

Failure to follow these house rules & rental agreement without prior coordination will result in violations reported, forfeiture of deposit plus any fees for damages or fines, cancellation of the reservation and immediate escort off the premises.

HOA = Homeowner Association. These properties are in residential neighborhoods and fall under an HOA.
- I respect my neighbors and HOA and any issues with them will limit my ability to provide rentals.

Any complaints are taken seriously and investigated immediately. Violations to these house rules & rental agreement will result in immediate cancellation of the reservation.

During quiet hours, guests are NOT allowed to stand outside or on the balcony and have conversations. Please keep balcony and deck doors closed if you step outside to smoke during quiet hours.

This is a quiet neighborhood and all sounds carry.

Hotels accommodate for pets, including service animals, by allocating rooms specifically for this use. I unfortunately do not have the ability to do this with my property.

I have guests periodically with severe allergies who I would put at serious risk if I allowed pets. As a result, I cannot allow pets. I can try to refer you to other properties in the area that may allow pets.

No smoking allowed inside (including electronic cigarettes). Smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas.

Cigarette and cigar butts MUST be disposed of properly. Smoking of illegal substances is strictly prohibited.

Any and all damages to the property, furniture or carpets inside or outside due to smoking is the responsibility of the guest.

We are a small business and cannot handle or sustain very last minute cancellations, unfortunately.

Please process cancellations through the booking website you made the reservation from.

Please do not make adjustments or alterations to the doors, locks, wireless access points or any electronic equipment in the property without prior approval from the property management.

This includes removing or adjusting cables from the TVs in the property as this often adds confusion and complexity in cleaning the property and setting up before the next guest arrives.

These are corporate rental properties. We cannot allow for personal household items and furniture to be brought into the properties.

Please do not wash or rinse items in any of the sinks that could get stuck as this may clog the sinks and showers.

Please do not flush items down the toilet other than toilet paper.

Please use towel appropriately. Regular shower towels and hand clothes are not meant to wipe off makeup. These do not come off easily when washed.

We had to balance the risk of the doors being left open unintentionally by a guest (unsafe for the guest and for the property as a whole) versus being automatically closed.

Guests have accidentally left the garage door open in the past. While this is a safe neighborhood, we do not want to take any unnecessary risks.

Please do not change garage door settings without prior coordination with property management.